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If you choose to whiten your teeth, you will need to take steps to make sure they remain dazzling. There are toothpastes and rinses that can help, and you should make sure to brush your teeth twice a day and floss them once a day.

There are foods you should avoid to keep your teeth white. Dark colored foods such as marinara sauce can darken your teeth. Berries are great for a snack or a dessert but their dark color can dim your grin. You can enjoy these foods, but make sure to have them with water, milk or a salad. They should be part of a larger meal. Coffee, tea, and dark colored soft drinks can stain your teeth, so you should limit your intake of them. Obviously, red wine can stain your teeth, but white wine, with its higher acid content, discolors your teeth.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are great for your teeth. Crunchy fruits and vegetables with a high water content are great for hydrating your mouth and scrubbing your teeth. They also contain vitamins and minerals that your mouth needs. Milk and cheese contain calcium which is good for your teeth, and hard cheeses help to clean the surfaces of your teeth.

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