At the dental practice of Jon F. Ackerman, DDS, we are dedicated to staying up to date with the latest dental technology and techniques. We are pleased to utilize dental lasers to provide you with a comfortable, enjoyable dental experience each time you visit our office. Dental lasers can be used for several types of dental treatment, including:

  • To treat periodontal (gum) disease
  • To cure (harden) a dental filling
  • To remove the decayed portion of a tooth
  • To re-shape and re-contour the gum line
  • To treat a cold sore or canker sore
  • To speed up the teeth whitening process

Thanks to laser dentistry, we can provide “no shot, no drill” fillings. Dental lasers also make other dental treatments more pleasant – in many cases, laser dentistry shortens both your treatment time and healing time. Anesthetic is often not required for treatments completed with a dental laser, and laser dentistry minimizes bleeding during and after the treatment. In addition, dental lasers decrease your risk for post-treatment infection. If you would like to learn more about laser dentistry in White Plains, New York, we welcome you to contact our dental office. Our skilled dentist, Dr. Jon Ackerman, and his dental team look forward to enhancing your smile!