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Did you know that lip and tongue rings can be a cause of several health risks to your smile? As there are several risks associated with any form of mouth jewelry that you may have present, it may be a good idea to assess whether or not the possibility of damage is worth applying the treatments over.

To provide your smile the necessary care it needs, always avoid bad habits that can easily lead to dental damage. Although you may feel that mouth jewelry can enhance your life, the problem is it can also destroy your teeth and gums. Through the use of mouth jewelry, you can easily give rise to several health risks including the risk of dental damage via your mouth drying out and cracking your teeth. If you have a tongue ring, it can even cause permanent nerve damage if placed incorrectly or even burst blood vessels. Furthermore, various risks associated with mouth jewelry include allergic reactions, the potential for choking hazards, infectious diseases, and difficulties with cleaning your mouth thoroughly.

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