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If you have any oral health care issues that need to be treated, it is important to do so to ensure your dental fitness is at its peak levels. Dental fitness care is essential to ensure that your teeth and gums continue to provide the functional care that your smile needs to work as intended.

If you are not familiar with your dental history, you’ll want to let your dentist know so you can learn what products you are most susceptible to. Furthermore, make sure that all areas in your mouth are checked by a dentist to determine if any damage has occurred to your wisdom teeth. For bi-annual professional cleanings, schedule regular cleanings with your dentist.

Due to the risks involved with oral accidents or injuries, it’s a good idea to wear special safety appliances and gear at all times to keep your teeth and gums safe. Due to the risks that can arise from blows or strikes to your face, you will want to make sure that you’re keeping your teeth protected with the use of mouth guards and face masks.

The time is now to enhance your smile with dental fitness and care from Dr. Jon Ackerman and our team at our dentist office in White Plains, New York. Jon F. Ackerman, DDS wants your smile to be stronger than ever, so call us at (914) 761-2442 to book an appointment.