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A chipped tooth can sometimes be more than just a cosmetic nuisance. Some patients with a chipped tooth enamel also experience a gradually worsening sensitivity. At the same time, a damaged tooth can also be prone to suffering a newly developed cavity in the aberrant tooth enamel.

A patient with a minor chip that is limited to the tooth enamel might be able to have it repaired by having a dentist like Dr. Jon Ackerman install a simple dental filling.

The treatment process starts with him numbing the tooth and the surrounding gums with an injection of procaine to help you remain comfortable throughout the appointment. Once this is he will carefully remove a small amount of additional tooth enamel to provide a clean surface which can accept the dental filling material.

A composite dental filling might be used if the treated surface will readily appear when you smile. This special type of dental resin can easily mimic the appearance of the surrounding tooth enamel.

After the dental filling material has been prepared, applied and shaped, Dr. Jon Ackerman will harden and bond between the dental filling and the natural tooth enamel with an ultraviolet light.

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