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An inconsistent daily oral hygiene routine can leave excess bacterial deposits in your mouth which invites tooth decay. If you further have a bad habit of putting off your routine dental checkups with our dentist a small cavity could go undetected or untreated.

As time goes on the area of developing tooth decay can start to extend beyond the tooth’s enamel layer to affect the dentin, pulp or root of the tooth. When this occurs you will likely notice increased sensitivity as well as a significant change in the texture of the tooth. Over time the tooth might also start to develop a gradually worsening toothache.

If you have noticed a growing problem with one of your teeth, it’s best to have it examined and treated at Jon F. Ackerman, DDS before the problem worsens.

If you need help reducing discomfort while you wait to see our dentist, you could try rubbing the nearby gums and other soft oral tissues with a topical oral analgesic. Consuming a standard dose of an over the counter pain medication might also be helpful.

Dr. Jon Ackerman will then assess the cause and severity of the toothache before presenting you with an effective treatment plan. If the tooth decay has significantly affected the sensitive core of the tooth he will likely need to perform a root canal to remove all the compromised structures. Once this is done a strong abutment will be prepared to serve as an anchor for an eventual dental crown.

If you live in the White Plains, New York, area and you are experiencing toothache pain, you should not delay in calling (914) 761-2442 to have it treated and examined at Jon F. Ackerman, DDS.